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As American citizens, we have an abundance of freedom that is very easily taken for granted. Take a minute to consider the sacrifices a few take to benefit the many. Military members and their families sacrifice time together. They miss weddings, births and deaths all so we can enjoy these freedoms. Valhalla Watch Company was created to help commemorate those who serve and sacrifice.


Last year, a good friend of ours took his own life. It was a very difficult time for all that knew him.  

​​In the wake of his passing many of us learned of a very alarming statistic: Approximately 22 military veterans kill themselves every day. We were moved by this and wanted to help make a difference.  

We started Valhalla Watch Company as a way to raise awareness and money to support mental health for our soldiers.  


We started Valhalla Watch Company to commemorate our fallen friends and family. 

We started Valhalla Watch Company because Sacrifice is Timeless™. 






SSG. Joseph Mark Satchwell "Savage"

Our watches were designed to accomplish the above through its unique features:

  • The 24-hour dial reads in military time.

  • The 22 on the dial is highlighted as a reminder of the struggle many veterans go through and to help raise awareness. 

  • Each watch can be personalized to pay tribute to a fallen loved one or memorialize a persons time in the services.

Valhalla Watch Company is committed to veterans. Along with helping raise awareness we pledge to donate 22% of profits to organizations that support veteran mental health. 

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